NEW RELEASE: "SQUARES (after Malevich)"

My new chapbook, "SQUARES (after Malevich)," has been released and is being published by Derek Beaulieu of No Press (Canada). Each piece, inspired by Kazimir Malevich, is in the shape of a square, exploring space and pattern, and composed on a vintage Olympia typewriter in black and red ink. Each chapbook is sewn by hand and printed in a limited edition of 50 copies, 25 of which are for sale for $4 each. 

Follow the below link to order:


 poet/visual artist/photographer

Click here to order my new book! A full-length collection of visual poetry, concrete poetry, and collage titled "I NEED SPACE."

welcome to

this is where i live.

black tulips

the memories     return 

like they do every year at

​this time     black tulips

​breaking through the cold

​wet morning soil

fighting for the first rays

of a lonely sun