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Praise for I NEED SPACE:


Eryk Wenziak’s I NEED SPACE loosens letters from the grip of meaning, creating shimmering stained glass through which we see the alphabet anew. Each poem re-sets the panes, letting light shine through the spaces and silences. These beautiful fragments are sharpened shards, each posing a seductive point at our staring eye. — derek beaulieu, Calgary poet laureate 2014-2016; author of The Unbearable Contact with Poets and Kern.

It has always been a pleasure to see Eryk's commentary on the history of the typewriter poem. He brings to it a contemporary contemplation. -- pete spence

In three distinct bodies of work Eryk Wenziak beautifully explores 'the space on the page'. Get the book. See for yourself! Erica Baum, author of Dog Ear.

Download a free .PDF version!

My first full-length book of poetry (visual/concrete/collage) published by Deadly Chaps Press, titled, I NEED SPACE. 

Published by Twenty-Four Hours Press (New York)

Published by Deadly Chaps Press (New York)

NEW RELEASE: "SQUARES (after Malevich)"

My new chapbook, "SQUARES (after Malevich)," has been released and is being published by Derek Beaulieu of No Press (Canada). Each piece, inspired by Kazimir Malevich, is in the shape of a square, exploring space and pattern, and composed on a vintage Olympia typewriter in black and red ink. Each chapbook is sewn by hand and printed in a limited edition of 50 copies, 25 of which are for sale for $4 each. 

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Published by Deadly Chaps Press (New York)

Published by Derek Beaulieu's "no press" (Canada)